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Catching Up with Agent GASPARD LUKALI and Model KYLE MOBUS

By Matthew Leeb

Spring 2014

Having quietly built the storied careers of some of today’s most accomplished male models–including Artur Kulkov, Cole Mohr, David Agbodji, and Yuri Pleskun–Gaspard Lukali, ReQuest Models” Head Booker, is the consummate agent: always behind the scenes, never in front. (He hasn’t even a single photo in the Patrick McMullan archive!) He is one of the few agents today with the power and respect to take a new face from open call to campaign king overnight. He’s a star-maker. But if you ask him, it’s just another day at the office; and once he’s done, you’d be hard pressed to find him anywhere but close to home.

So with that, we were lucky enough to get a few words with Gaspard about NYFW, ReQuest, and his newest star (spoiler: it”s Kyle Mobus). We then turned the same questions around on model Kyle Mobus in our second installment of “Agents on Models on Agents.”

Matthew Leeb: With it being runway season, where are you right now?

Gaspard Lukali: I”m in NY


ML: How was your NYFW 14?

GL: Amazing actually, can”t complain, besides the few snow storms.


Favorite show/party?

GL: Details magazine party and En Noir show.

ML: Who”s your breakout star this season?

GL: Kyle Mobus.

ML: What drew you to them and how did you get in contact?

His freshness and personality! He came on open call.

ML: What”s on the horizon for Request?

GL: We are expanding our role as managers, helping our talent realize their
 dreams in the entertainment and music industry.

Matthew Leeb: It’s fall/winter runway season. Where are you right now?

Kyle Mobus: During fall/winter runway season I am either on a train or in a car running from Jersey to the city for castings, fittings, or shows. It”s a crazy time but so much fun.

ML: How was your NYFW experience?

KM: My New York Fashion Week experience was phenomenal. I was fortunate enough to walk in 15 shows this season. I was able to catch up with some friends I met last season, and met a lot of new ones. I walked in some of the most amazing shows, and met many incredible designers and stylists. It was awesome.

ML: What was your favorite show you walked and party you attended?

KM: Although I really enjoyed every show I walked in, I would have to say opening for Rag & Bone was an incredible honor.  After the show we had a great time hanging out at their after party.

ML: You were discovered in an open call. What made you decide on ReQuest?

KM: After researching the top men”s agencies in NYC, my mom first took me to ReQuest at their open call. I never made it to any other agencies because we both knew ReQuest was the right fit for me and after meeting everyone there, we knew there was no need to look any further.

ML: What’s your favorite thing about ReQuest?

KM: My favorite thing about ReQuest without a doubt is the people who work there. Not only are they my agents, but I know I can honestly call them my friends. Being a younger model and brand new to the business, I have complete trust in them knowing they will always steer me in the right direction and always have my back.

ML: What’s the one thing you can’t wait to do once runway season is over?

There are 2 things I can”t wait to do once runway season is over, one is to play a ton of basketball, and another is just to relax and chill with my friends.

Gaspard Lukali is the head booker at ReQuest Model Management.

Kyle Mobus is one of Gaspard Lukali and ReQuest Model Management’s newest star models.


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Written by Matthew Leeb

Photography Courtesy of Gaspard Lukali

Design by Mina Darius


Photography Courtesy of Gaspard Lukali

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