By Eden Herbstman

Summer 2014

Something about the summer time makes everyone feel a little more patriotic. Fourth of July celebrations, backyard BBQ’s, watching USA’s World Cup performance, or rather watching the boys of Team USA, but what’s summer fun without a little London invasion? Jessica Horwell, the British born and bred designer and brainchild behind the wildly popular luxury street brand Hardware LDN captivates buyers and trendsetters with her edgy creations. She”s responsible for outfitting Cara Delevigne and Rita Ora in Hardware”s signature leather snakeskin snapback, amongst other outwear accessories. But you don”t have to be Cara, Rita, or know personally Horwell to feel the energy of the brand. Horwell, who started with jewelry and then expanded to a full clothing line, now considers Hardware to be an all encompassing lifestyle brand. It screams laid back street chic, a creative mirror to Horwell”s personality. Her Instagram is an oasis of fun, but don”t let the selfies with Wiz Khalifa, outfitted in Hardware sunglasses (soon to be released this month) plus a blunt in tow fool you. She”s a serious designer making a major splash on fashion trends.

Eden Herbstman: How did you come up with the name of your brand? 

Jessica Horwell:  I started Hardware LDN by making jewelry from everything I got from a Hardware shop–all chains, bolts and weird things. That’s where the name “Hardware” came from, I added the London bit since that’s my roots. I have always been a clothes fanatic, from dressing up in my mum’s clothes and shoes since I started walking. From the jewelry, I decided to do a line of clothes that I sold to a few countries, like Japan, and then started getting requests from Roc Nation for dope celebs like Rihanna. I suddenly got the bug big time and knew this was my calling. I love the fact that I get to make clothes that I want to wear. Style is a really great way to express yourself. I really wanted to create a lifestyle brand that when you buy the clothes you feel apart of that lifestyle. I get bored easily and there are so many different aspects to running a brand, it’s such whirlwind of craziness all the time. I’m always focusing on different sides of it and learning so much. I’m just so happy I get to do a job I love.

EH: What is one of your favorite designs you can”t live without? 

JH: I would have to say my snapbacks. I went through a phase where I literally had one on all the time. When I didn”t it felt weird!

EH: If you had to pick, when do you think your break out moment was?

JH: When my friends who are killing it wear my stuff and support my brand like Cara Delevingne and Rita Ora. Their support was definitely a breakout for exposure as their style is so inspirational to girls all over the world.

EH: What”s your best source of inspiration when designing? 

JH: Traveling around and going to new places like LA, NYC and Asia. Hustling in different countries, getting to know what’s going on elsewhere, and identifying your competition.

EH: If you were President for the day what would you do? 

JH: Have one huge party in the White House. I”m thinking I would make a really dodgy President.

EH: When you aren”t in London where can we find you chilling in NYC?

JH: I’m a huge fan of NYC. I come out for fashion week and stay for a while before and after, I LOVE IT. Also, my PR, ONE Management, is there so spending more time there is definitely in the cards. It’s such a fun city to get your hustle on.

EH: What can we expect from your next collection? 

JH: Some serious monochromatic prints—I have been working with an illustrator, which has been great.  Of course more black and gold because that’s my addiction. I also have some sunglasses dropping later this month, which I can’t wait for. I love designing accessories.

EH: If you could raid anybody”s closet who would it be?

JH: Wow, good question. I think it would have to be Salt n Pepper, all the 90’s stuff would give me a heart attack!

Jessica Horwell is the designer behind Hardware LDN.


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Written by Eden Herbstman

Design by Mina Darius 

Photography Courtesy of ONE PR


Photography Courtesy of ONE PR 



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