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A Look at the Work of Artist TELMO PIEPER

By Sarah Heikkinen

Spring 2014

Disproportionate bodies, wild-looking buildings, and creatures of a child’s imagination are, more often than not, left to be found years after their conception by parents, friends, or by the grown-up child themselves. Telmo Pieper, surrealist digital artist and half of the collaborative group TELMO MIEL, reincarnates the artistic dreams of his childhood with his latest collection, Kiddie Arts. I spoke with him about this new collection and his art in general.

Sarah Heikkinen: Kiddie Arts, as you describe it on your website, are digitally painted “creatures and stuff” based on drawings from your childhood. What inspired you to reincarnate those drawings in this surreal, abstract fashion?

Telmo Pieper: I’m always in search of new subjects for creating new work. So one day I was looking true my old childhood drawings again and saw all these strange creatures, handicapped animals, square cars, and unlivable houses, and it just came to me that it would be awesome if those were real.

SH: What about surrealism appeals to you the most?

TP: I love realism and realistic painting styles to begin with, but I always want to make it a bit strange, weird, or unreal. So this combination between realism and strangeness is what appeals to me the most about surrealism.

SH: When did you first realize that you wanted to be an artist?

TP: I’ve always been creating and drawing and never stopped since the moment I got introduced to pencils and stuff. From a very young age I already knew I had to do something with art.

SH: Who are some of your most significant artistic influences?

TP: Rembrandt, Maclaim, Koons, and Herakut

SH: How would you compare and/or contrast your own individual work with your work with Miel Krutzmann in Telmo Miel?

TP: There are a lot of similarities between my own work and the duo’s work. The love for surrealism and animal subjects is one of the biggest similarities you will find in both.

SH: Do you have anything new in the works, either individually, or for your collaborative work with Miel Krutzmann?

TP: This summer we have some really nice big murals to paint in Norway and Sweden as TELMO MIEL. And a bit later this year we are going to have a brand new exhibition at the Artifex Gallery in Antwerp, Belgium.

Telmo Pieper is a creator, imagemaker, drinker, contemporary spraypainter, and half of the wondrous artistic duo TELMO MIEL together with Miel Krutzmann.


The Official Site of Telmo Pieper

The Official Site of TELMO MIEL

Written by Sarah Heikkinen

Art by Telmo Pieper / Photography Courtesy of Telmo Pieper

Design by Francesca Rimi


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Grizzly Beer, Art by Telmo Pieper, Photography Courtesy of Telmo Pieper

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Walvis, Art by Telmo Pieper, Photography Courtesy of Telmo Pieper

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