Art Seen


    A Conversation with Artist MARK JOHN SMITH By Lori Zimmer Summer 2015 — Mark John Smith may be a long way from his home in Cambridge, England, but the walk to his studio in Brooklyn’s Industry City feels oddly European. Focused on the cobblestone street, or the tops of the historic, and identical, factory buildings, I felt a glimpse of the Olde World as I headed to Smith’s Sunset Park… Read more »


    A Conversation with Artist MIYA ANDO By Lori Zimmer Spring 2015 — When you first meet Miya Ando, the first thing you may notice is how striking she is. Beautiful and petite, her tattoos and astute sense of fashion convey a presence of style. Coupled with her bubbly personality, I had initially expected her art work to be as outgoing as she is. Instead, I was surprised and pleased to… Read more »


    A Conversation with Artist PAULA HAYES By Lori Zimmer Winter 2014-2015 — Paula Hayes’ “Gazing Globes” has taken over Madison Square Park, turning the quiet enclave in the middle of Flatiron into a fantastical scene until mid-April. Known for her work creating lush worlds inside of Victorian terrariums, Hayes has reached a new level with this project, by giving the public access to her interactive exhibition during their daily commute…. Read more »


    A Conversation with Artist HEATH WEST By Lori Zimmer Winter 2014-2015 — Heath West’s color-popping textural canvases are a fusion of the limitlessness of art and the technical precision of architecture–much like the artist himself. Using his background in architecture, with his penchant toward visual art, West has created his own language of visual communication. His pieces echo spatial relationships, philosophical tangents, and influence of the digital era. Translated from… Read more »