A Conversation with Photographer REBECCA LITCHFIELD By Francesca Rimi Spring 2015 – Photographer Rebecca Litchfield”s series Soviet Ghosts creates a portal to another world: the abandoned and decaying spaces of the Soviet Union and its various satellite states. From dilapidated buildings to vast empty areas, she brings us on a journey to places that have long retired from interacting with people on a daily basis. After bringing us into this… Read more »

  • NORTHKOREA_PMc_09202014_COVER_2

    A Look Behind the Veil of a Hidden Society with Photographer JULIA LEEB By Sarah Heikkinen Fall 2014 — When North Korea makes headlines in the news, the first thoughts that cross the minds of those in the Western world are generally about Kim Jong Il or Kim Jong Un and nuclear bombs and nuclear tests and the country”s isolation from the rest of the world. If we think of… Read more »

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    Getting the Lay of the Land with Photographer VICTORIA SAMBUNARIS By Sarah Heikkinen Summer 2014 — The diversity of the American landscape can quite easily be compared to the diversity of the men and women who occupy and explore it. Traveling across these landscapes for more than a decade, photographer Victoria Sambunaris captures this diversity and its accompanying beauty in her newly released book,¬†Taxonomy of a Landscape. Her photographs suggest… Read more »


    A Look at the Photography of MICHAEL ST. MAUR SHEIL By Matthew Leeb Summer 2014 — On July 28th, 1914, after a hostile arms race between European Superpowers, Austria-Hungry declared war on Serbia, effectively catalyzing a four year war, forever scarring nations, families, and landscape: World War I. One hundred years have now passed and the only flesh left is that of the battlefields–Argonne, Lorraine, Flanders, and Verdun, among many… Read more »