A Spotlite on Actress LAUREN STAMILE By Sarah Heikkinen Summer 2015 — As a culture entranced by the advancements the entertainment business has made over the past century, we often find ourselves forgetting about the people behind the characters we have grown to love. Known for her work on Burn Notice and Grey’s Anatomy, actress Lauren Stamile brings a little bit of herself to her latest dramatic endeavor, Complications. With veteran collaborator Burn… Read more »

  • SP-StephanieDrake1

    A Spotlite on Actress STEPHANIE DRAKE from MAD MEN By Dustin Illingworth Spring 2015 — Though ditzy, oblivious, and regularly bullied by Joan, Mad Men“s Meredith has become something far more complicated than a punchline for AMC”s prestige series. Played with charm and pitch-perfect comedic timing by Stephanie Drake, Meredith is still, of course, hilarious — but a pluckiness has emerged in recent seasons that serves to pleasantly frustrate our… Read more »

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    A Spotlite on Artist LALA ABADDON By Lori Zimmer Spring 2015 — The first time I saw Lala Abaddon’s work, I couldn’t help but be reminded of video art, specifically the work of Pipilotti Rist. This isn’t exactly a normal reaction, considering that her work couldn’t be farther from the video, or even digital, realm. Online, Abaddon’s gorgeous pieces can appear as digitally rendered pixilated creations, but in reality they… Read more »

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    A Spotlite on Artist ELIZABETH WINNEL By Lori Zimmer Winter 2014-2015 — If the eyes are the window to the soul, the lips are the window to expression–at least at the hand of painter Elizabeth Winnel. The Savannah-based artist is bringing her signature sexy lip paintings back to New York for her latest exhibition, appropriately entitled “Bigmouth” at Castor Gallery on the Lower East Side. Armed with oil paints, Winnel… Read more »