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    A Look at Our Top Ten Dafoest Performances by Actor WILLEM DAFOE By the Members of the Daily Dafoetionals Spring 2015 — Willem Dafoe is an odd one. There”s no denying that. He”s hard to pin down. He”s undeniably weird looking, and yet he”s still somehow handsome in his own idiosyncratic way. His features seem cold and skeletal, chiseled in stone, and yet there”s a lively warmth that radiates from… Read more »

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    A Look at Our Top Ten Buscemiest Performances by Actor STEVE BUSCEMI By the Members of theĀ  Buscemi Brotherhood Winter 2014-2015 — One of the most ubiquitous character actors of the 1990s and 2000s, Steve Buscemi, I think it”s fair to say, was born with the looks of a registered sex offender. His is a face only a mother could love–and one only R. Crumb could draw. The actor legitimately… Read more »

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    A Look at Our Top Ten Cruiseiest Performances by Actor TOM CRUISE By the Members of the Cruise Controllers Winter 2014-2015 — Ben Stiller asked some important questions at the 2000 MTV Movie Awards: “Who is Tom Cruise? What is Tom Cruise? Why is Tom Cruise? When is Tom Cruise?” These are perhaps unanswerable questions, but the best we can do to attempt an answer to them is to state… Read more »


    A Look at Our Top Ten Carreyest Performances by Actor JIM CARREY By the Members of the Carrey-Career Caregivers Fall 2014 — Jim Carrey is one of the greatest actors to have never been nominated for an Oscar. Much like one of our previously toptenned actors, Bill Murray, Carrey is a funnyman that wants to be taken seriously. Unfortunately, he”s the kind of clown the Academy refuses to acknowledge. But… Read more »